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This was the third time the Write Strategy team was involved in tendering this ‘must-win’ construction services contract. It was also our third win – 3 from 3!

For this latest tender, we provided bid management and tender writing services within a joint venture arrangement. The EPC (Engineer, Procure, Construct) Services contract operating in the Southern Highlands of PNG is worth more than $100 Million to our client.
Being the incumbent provider and re-tendering for the same contract over and over can be a challenging position to be in. It requires a deep understanding of the current state and historical performance and truly listening to the client. Competitors typically see incumbent providers as having a major advantage (which they do). The flip side of being the incumbent is there is nowhere to hide and re-tendering existing contracts often comes with immense internal pressure (i.e. the ‘must-win’ bid).

Re-tendering existing contracts often requires an even stronger submission than what was needed to win the work in the first place. There is no room for complacency as you are competing with what may be presented as the ‘newer, shinier’ alternative. We’re incredibly pleased our client came away with another win.

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