Who we are

Write Strategy specialises in business-to-business marketing.

We help your business retain and grow revenue through targeted marketing, tenders, proposals. We don’t do fluffy marketing.

Our operational approach is what gets results.

We work with a range of services firms including financial, engineering, construction, technology, health care, legal, recruitment and training companies, helping them to secure more work and grow their businesses.

Our business began as a tendering writing and bid management consultancy over 5 years ago, and tendering remains at the core of our service offering today. As our business matured, we recognised the value and logic in providing more comprehensive strategy, branding, and marketing communications solutions to support our clients in winning work.

We are tender writing and proposal specialists who bring a strategic marketing approach. We have a track record for delivering big wins for our clients having won hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of work for them.

Write Strategy Marketing Group is all about injecting positivity and spark into businesses’ strategy, development, and marketing programs. We want our clients to achieve all their goals and then some. Our clients’ business success underpins our success.

Our Values

Our values really matter to us – but it doesn’t stop there. Our values are integral to how we deliver for our clients and the results we achieve.

  • We don’t use the F-word. We believe in substance, so there’s no room for FLUFF.

    Just as authenticity matters to us personally, it’s essential to our clients’ brand building.

  • We treat brilliance and excellence as a baseline.

    There’s no satisfaction to be gained in delivering a half-baked result.

  • We live for what matters most.

    We always think beyond ourselves – to our colleagues, clients and community. We give back with love, kindness and generosity.

  • We know that hard work pays off.

    But who’s to say hard work can’t be fun? We bring our energy, spirit and our zeal to all that we do.